How to hook your wii up to wireless internet

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How to Connect to the Internet on Your Wii U

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Dec 26,  · 1. Click the "Wii" button in the lower left corner of the main Wii console screen.

Can't get Wii to hook up to wireless internet?

2. Go to "Wii Settings" and "Internet." Click "Connection Settings" and choose an open connection that's marked "None." 3. Choose "Wireless Connection" and "Manual Setup." 4.

Enter the SSID for your router. Jul 01,  · I have the Nintendo Wii and am really trying to hook it up to the internet.

I know there's quite a few ways to do this so what's your opinion? What's the best way to hook up my Wii to the internet? The EASIEST way to connect to the internet is via wifi, but you need a wireless router. I personally would choose wifi because it Status: Resolved. Manage and keep track of game save data and details for up to 12 users on one Wii U console.

Everyone in your family can play as a different user.

How to hook my WII to the Internet?

You can also set unique Parental Controls for each user. Lesson 3: Manage Data. Manage and keep track of game save data and details for up to 12 users on one Wii U console. I can't find out how to hook up my wii to the internet.

User Info: maul None" option, then the "Wireless Connection" option, and the "Search for an Access Point Option." 7 Choose the access point you want to use from the list that will be displayed.

Save the settings by clicking "OK." Then click "OK" to start a connection test. Feb 13,  · i have cable internet that runs through a modem, can i get wireless internet with my wii with just that or do i have to buy something else?

if so what?Status: Resolved. As long as your Wii can detect the "network" in your house, you can connect to the internet, and hook up to netflix wirelessly. Start your Wii and go to "wii options" in the lower left corner. Then click on Wii settings and then scroll to page two.

Then click on "INTERNET". You will then go to Connection settings.

How to hook your wii up to wireless internet
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How do you hook up a Wii to a wireless internet connection? | Yahoo Answers