Write an essay on your favorite teacher

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My friends always make fun of me or at least did because I never listened to music I just didn’t like it, but my best friend introduced me to Hamilton and now I listen to it literally every day, have learned all the words, and it’s my favorite thing to listen to.

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Writing, for most of us, is bound up with anxiety. It’s even worse when it feels like your whole future—or at least where you’ll spend the next four years in college—is on the line. A thesis statement should be provided early in your paper – in the introduction part, or in the second paragraph, if your paper is longer.

My Favorite Teacher

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The Byzantine Empire, also referred to as the Eastern Roman Empire and Byzantium, was the continuation of the Roman Empire in its eastern provinces during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, when its capital city was Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul, which had been founded as Byzantium).It survived the fragmentation and fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century AD and continued.

Then we could draw a letter with them. It 's amazing. I learnt it while I had lunch with her. She would talk about her life also during lunch and I found we had a lot in common. She liked eating Chinese and Japanese.

Byzantine Empire

Her favorite band was Westlife as I was. She always listened to pop music and sang karaoke.

Write an essay on your favorite teacher
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